IT Project 2014 Update

Hey everybody!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d give an update. We’ve done a TON since our class ended, but the main focus has been on major world religions. Last week we learned about China’s religion, the Hare Krishna religion, & Islam. Along with a presentation for each, we also visited China Town, a Hare Krishna temple, & a mosque. Once again, I’d love to chat with you & tell you more about what I learned if you’re interested! This week we’re learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, & taking the whole weekend to travel to San Diego to learn about tribal religions (& how to surf) — it should be a great week!

Along with all of the learning, we’ve also done a ton of fun stuff. On the fourth, we had a cookout & ended the day at an event called Kaboom which included motorcross, monster trucks, fireworks & a whole lot of ‘murica. We also supported the LA Dodgers at a game seated in the all-you-can-eat pavilion. That’s right, an unlimited supply of hotdogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, & soda — what more can you ask for at a baseball game, right? The night ended with heading to the field to watch more fireworks. Today we went to church & had the privilege of hanging out at a beautiful pool all day.

Tomorrow we have a day off so we’re heading to Hollywood Boulevard. Like I said before, it should be a great week!

It’s hard to believe I only have eleven days left in this beautiful city with these amazing people. There are no words to express my gratitude first of all to Jesus, for all that He’s taught me & done in me since being here & of course for giving me this awesome opportunity, but also to all my amazing supporters (prayerful & financial) who helped me get here & have kept me & my team in their prayers. If you gave financially towards my trip (which by the way I was fully funded before even arriving in LA — praise the Lord!) or have said a prayer for me even if just once, I am forever grateful to you! Thank you a thousand times — you will never know how much it means to me! You are in my prayers as well!

Lots of love from the West Coast!