Small Group Weekend

Small Group Weekend

This past weekend on IT Project 2014 we had small group weekend which basically means we got to spend all Saturday & Sunday with just our small group doing whatever we wanted to do. Each group had about $100 to spend however they wanted.

My small group & I had many different adventures throughout our weekend. On Friday evening we ate supper together, shared our testimonies, then went out for ice cream. On our way back to campus, we helped an LAPD search-and-rescue helicopter find an old lady that went missing. (Okay, maybe we didn’t help them, but we witnessed the whole thing!)

Saturday morning we traveled just outside Malibu to Topanga State Park & made the hike up the mountain (approximately an hour & a half) to look out over the beautiful Santa Monica beach & eat our lunch. While at the top, we actually encountered another helicopter whose pilot waved & sounded his siren to acknowledge us then proceeded to circle the mountain three times. (We have a thing with helicopters I guess?) After our trek back down the mountain we were tuckered out & ready to get to the hotel for showers. We were all expecting to stay at your average, everyday hotel. But one of our awesome leaders had a surprise for us. Apparently she has sweet connections & was able to get us a room (complete with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a balcony, & a complete kitchen) in a super nice, super expensive hotel resort just down the street from Disney Land for free! I think all the excitement of the surprise gave us an extra burst of energy, so we walked around downtown Disney for a bit & ate supper there (& since our hotel room was free we were able to have supper paid for with our $100 — I love free meals!) We headed back to our hotel where we went to the roof & watched some fireworks for a bit. Then, to finish off the day right, we sat around reading through & singing the script of Disney’s Frozen which brought lots of laughs despite the fatigue & soreness.

Sunday morning we traveled to Belasco Theater where Hillsong LA is located every other week for church. I’m not gonna lie, I was expecting it to be a mega-church with thousands of people. But apparently it was only their third service in LA, so there were only about two or three hundred people. It was an incredible experience, though — one that I will never forget. The worship was amazing (obviously, it was Hillsong!) & Carl Lentz, who is the head pastor for Hillsong NYC was there & preached about Psalm 123. It was so good! I love his passion for Jesus & his desire to make Him known to others. I was already so pumped about the church because I was just enjoying it so much, & then I see Kevin Durant walking in from beside the stage! What?! It’s like it was the icing to an already delicious cake. After church we went to eat at PF Chang’s where we were able to sit outside on the patio & enjoy the beautiful day. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE California weather?) We were going to go to the beach, but since we were already pretty burnt from the hike on Saturday we figured that probably wouldn’t be the best idea. So we headed back to campus where we had a few hours of free team which I have not had since our class started, so it was a great ending to a great weekend.

Today we went back to class & didn’t have anything planned for the evening (more time for homework — yay..). We now officially only have five more days of class which is really bitter-sweet. It’s sad that it’ll be over since we’ve been learning so much good stuff, but I am so ready for all this homework to be done — our brains need a break!

So that was my eventful weekend, but I hope you all had a relaxing one as well & that your summers are going great! Thank you for taking the time to catch up on my life! Much love!

PS It’s late as I’m writing this since I have no time during the day, so I apologize if it seems monotonous &/or poorly written. I may or may not wake up in the morning & be embarrassed about it, but oh well.


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