Week One of IT Project 2014

Alright so week one isn’t quite over yet, but I figured I’d give you all an update on IT Project so far anyways.

I’ll start us off with a fun story! On my flight from Phoenix to LA, I just so happened to be on the same plane as a group of college students from ASU who were on their way to India to share the Gospel — pretty cool, right? I got to talking with one of their pastors, & I think we were both able to encourage each other in our pursuits. After we got off the plane three of the team members prayed over me, & it was a completely humbling experience. The Lord is so good.

I arrived Thursday morning & for lunch had my very first experience at In-N-Out Burger (highly recommended, by the way). Friday was a bunch of orientation, but to close out the evening, one of the staff members delivered a powerful message about the Gospel & what exactly it consists of. I wish you all could have listened in — what a great reminder of how sinful man is yet how holy & gracious is the God we serve. Saturday consisted of training & evangelism on two different college campuses. (Sidenote: CalTech is probably the most beautiful college campus. Ever. Period.) Heaven was full of rejoicing that day — my team (although not me personally) had the privilege of seeing two people accept Jesus’ gift & come to know the Lord personally! Yaaay! Sunday & today we had a pretty large amount of free time. So I’ve mostly just been enjoying this beautiful California sunshine :).

I have been absolutely loving it here. The weather is perfect & the people are wonderful. There are nineteen participants & I think fifteen staff members. It’s such a cool experience to be surrounded by so many people who are so in love with Jesus & who share my vision & desire to go out to the nations sharing the Gospel — talk about a huge blessing! They are all such beautiful people & I am so very excited to continue getting to know them better everyday!

Tomorrow I begin summer school, or so I’ve been told. We are taking a class called Perspectives which is about the history of missions & major world religions. Guys, for once in my life, I’m actually excited to learn — this is a big deal! I am so very excited to absorb all of this knowledge about the world, God’s heart for the world, & how we can reach the world with the good news of the Gospel. “IT” in IT Project stands for Intensive Training, & that’s exactly what it is. For the next three weeks, we will have three hours (9am-12pm) of teaching & speakers in the morning, lunch, & then probably about three hours of homework. I’ve been told it is difficult & takes a lot of effort, but I’m so ready for the challenge. Let’s get this thing started!

A few random thoughts that you probably don’t care about, but I’m going to share anyways: my pinky is still fat & still hurts & still cannot be bent very far, but I’m finally able to not wear any bandage without it constantly aching. I took my longboard out for a ride for the first time today & still have not face-planted. I saw a 36″ pizza in real life right in front of my own two eyes. Also, in case you didn’t realize, there is a three hour time difference between LA & home, so sometimes it’s hard to communicate with people.

P.S. Saturdays are set aside for evangelism, so if you remember please keep us & all the people we come in contact with in your prayers especially on those days. Thank you all so much for all the prayers, support, & encouragement — I would not be here without you! You all rock!


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