Random Thoughts from the Airport

I’m currently sitting in the Phoenix airport, soon to board my final flight to LA. While waiting, I can’t help but feel blessed & laugh all at the same time. I feel so incredibly blessed by all the people who have come behind me, showering me with love, support, & encouragement as I embark on a new adventure in life. I would not be here without all the wonderful people in my life & I truly cannot thank you all enough! I laugh because we serve a God with a pretty cool sense of humor. I sit here with a possible broken pinky, which happened less than a week before I left, but it doesn’t worry me at all. Last summer on the day before I left for Haiti, I rolled my ankle pretty bad. At that point I was worried, how would I be able to play soccer with the kids or serve the people of Haiti, let alone haul my luggage around? Just like He did in Haiti less than a year ago, I trust that the Lord will be faithful & be glorified even through a broken pinky — He’s just good like that.

Like I said before, I’m so very grateful for all the people in my life. & my guess is that if you’re reading this, that includes you. So thank YOU not only for all you’ve done for me, but for just being a part of my life. You are loved & appreciated dearly! May the Lord bless you for all the ways you’ve blessed me. Much love from Arizona!


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