Summer Summer Summer

Since I am officially home from school, I thought I would share an update on my life right now & my plans for the coming months. So if you just so happen to be interested in this life of mine, this is for you.

My first year of college is done. I survived. Early in the spring semester I declared a major of International Studies with a focus on Global Development in Africa & the Middle East. I also hope to attain a double minor in Islamic Studies & Health Promotion. Early first semester I started getting involved in a campus ministry called Campus Crusade for Christ (also known as Cru). It’s a fantastic ministry that is focused on sending out young adults to fulfill the Great Commission. Looking back, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as a freshman. The Lord made Himself known in more ways that I can remember throughout the year, & His hand was so evident in so many different situations.  If I were to sum up all that the Lord has taught me within the last nine months it could be packed into two simple statements:

1. I am a dirty, broken sinner in desperate need of a Savior.

2. The Lord is literally all I need.

Those are some pretty awesome lessons to be taught, if you ask me! But throughout the entire year, the biggest blessing by far has been the relationships He has set before me. I recently reread a journal entry I had written from early first semester. I prayed not just for friendships, but I prayed specifically for friendships with people who would love me through all of the junk in my life, people who would encourage me in my faith but at the same time challenge me to never stop growing, people who love Jesus more than life & would be an example to me. & that is exactly who the Lord brought into my life. The relationships I have made at school are unlike any relationships I’ve ever experienced. Words cannot describe how very grateful I am to the Lord for the awesome people He’s brought into my life!


I’ve been home for two days now & have already been asked what I’m doing this summer more times than I can count. No, I am not working anywhere. No, I am not taking summer classes. But yes, I am going on a missions trip! I am very excited to share that I will be living in LA (yes, Los Angeles, California) for seven weeks this summer! I’m heading out very early the morning of June 5th & will be back July 24th. The trip is sponsored by The Traveling Team which is a non-profit, inter-denominational ministry. They travel across the US sharing biblical basis for missions & God’s heart for the world with college students. On project, I will be taking the Perspectives course held at the US Center for World Mission, which is a four week course on the biblical basis for missions, the history of missions, and missions strategies. I’ll also be spending three weeks visiting local temples & mosques while learning about the major religions of the world (such as Islam, Buddhism, & Hinduism), & the other cultures & their world views while getting experience with evangelism. If you’d like to learn more about The Traveling Team or my trip, you can visit

Ever since my very first trip to Kenya, Africa about three years ago, the Lord has been growing my heart for the nations, & these past months at college have been no exception. My hope is to be able to do long-term missions at some point after school, so I believe the IT project will be extremely beneficial to me in helping me become the most effective missionary I can be.

The total cost of my trip is about $3,230. I am happy to share that I have only about $865 left to raise! Praise the Lord! Raising support has been an incredibly humbling experience. If you are someone who has given financially to my trip or has committed to praying for me & my team, thank you thank you thank you! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as a part of my support team! May the Lord bless you for all the ways you’ve blessed my life!

When I return from LA, I’ll be home once again for about two-ish weeks. I’m hoping to move back to Lexington in the middle of August so I can get settled in & have some fun with my friends before classes & responsibilities start up again.

So that, my friends, is my life right now in a nutshell. If you’ve read to this point, you’re a champ for sticking through all my rambling. Thanks for taking the time to read this, but more importantly for being apart of my life! You are loved & appreciated!


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